Thank Your Spouse - Gift Tokens App
Take a moment to tell your husband or wife just how much you love them. Send them a gift via the GiftToken app and make their day.
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Thank Your Spouse

About This Project


My spouse is amazing.
On top of managing our family finances, keeping the kids on track with their studies, and wrangling 3 cats and a dog she works a full-time job at a senior care facility, where she spends her days helping employees with their payroll issues.


As an entrepreneur managing a small marketing business, I’m often asked to attend last-minute meetings or help our clients manage social media crisis situations that pop-up. As a result, I sometimes have to ask my wife to cover for me when it comes to picking up our kids from school or taking them to school activities or baseball practice.


In our hectic lives, sometimes it’s tough to remember to say “Thank You” to those who are closest to us and cover for us each day. The Gift Token™ app gave me the chance to send her a token for a piece of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake and a personal note showing my appreciation for everything she does on a daily basis.


The app is so quick and easy. I’ll be using it to send tokens to everyone who deserves some appreciation.